“The Opportunities of CLIL for HE in Poland” by Anna Stefanowicz-Kocol

Presentation from Day 2 of International seminar 2021 organised by CLIL-HET project.


Title: The Opportunities of CLIL for HE in Poland
Presentation by: Anna Stefanowicz-Kocol
Recorded on: 12 March 2021


CLIL has been moderately researched in Polish universities during the last two decades, with studies focussing on the development and effectiveness of materials (Štefková 2018), attitudes of academic staff to English medium instruction and CLIL (Dearden and Macaro 2016, Gawlik-Kobylińska and Lewinska 2014), comparison of methodological approaches (Biedroń 2019) and possible opportunities and challenges to be expected while implementing the approach in higher education.
The chapter attempts to summarise the undertakings on the implementation of CLIL in HE in Poland reported in literature. It also focuses on the results of the research on the effectiveness of the intervention introduced through the CLIL-HET project in the University of Applied Sciences in Poland. The chapter ends with a set of conclusions and recommendations that might serve as a bases for further research leading to an enhancement of the implementation of CLIL in HE institutions.

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