CLIL-HET Didactic Corner is an online environment where DTs (disciplinary teachers) who are willing to start teaching their subjects in English can gain the knowledge how to start and how to follow the dual principle of the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach while teaching. The CLIL-HET project participants, particularly ESP/CLIL experts from HEIs (higher education institutions) have designed the Didactic program for DTs to help them understand the essential issue from the field of teaching-learning in a foreign language. The Didactic Program consists of three chapters: Essential of CLIL, English Didactics and Essential of CLIL Lesson Planning. It is possible to study the Didactic Programme in seven languages including English. In the practical part of the Didactic Corner, the didactic materials including the CLIL lesson plans from real CLIL lessons or CLIL activities conducted in HEIs by DTs are possible to see and download.

The Didactic Programme

Didactic Materials