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To enhance the process of internationalisation in higher education, the teachers are pressed to start providing their disciplines, courses in English. Even in the institutions, where most of the teachers and students speak and teach/learn in the official state language not in English. How to set an effective English teaching-learning environment without overburdening the students and the teachers. We believe, that such process should be done stepwise and considerately. English can be implemented just in certain parts of lectures, seminars, labs, e-learning forms to allow students and the teachers to improve and develop their English language skills. We have decided to pilot CLIL application into education in HEIs (Higher Education Institutions).

Before implementing you should be aware of what CLIL approach is.

The first part of the Didactic programme- The Essentials of CLIL – defines what CLIL is, presents and describes the main CLIL principles that must be followed. There is illustration how to apply CLIL into education, also in higher education. You will learn about the skills an CLIL instructor/lecturer/teacher should command.