“Tailoring Linguistic Material to ESP Students’ Practical Needs” by Monika Pociask

Presentation from Day 1 of International seminar 2021 organised by CLIL-HET project.


Title: Tailoring Linguistic Material to ESP Students’ Practical Needs
Presentation by: Monika Pociask
Recorded on: 11 March 2021


The article is an attempt to create an optimal content of an English course for nursing purposes after the reflection on the motivation survey results. The course is dedicated to a particular and defined group of nursing students studying at University of Applied Sciences in Tarnów, Poland. The paper addresses the issue of choosing job-related topics, useful functional phrases, vocabulary and terminology to prepare a nursing student for a demanding labour market in the health care environment. The selection of linguistic material was carried out on the basis of a fruitful cooperation between the representatives of the following groups: Polish teachers of English, Polish nursing professionals, nursing students and nursing practitioners. As a result the specific topics, functional phrases as well as examples of new, “missing” phrases and vocabulary were presented for the academic year 2020/2021.

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