“Metaphors as tool in political speeches: Student reflections” by Gabriela Nedelkoska

Presentation from Day 1 of International seminar 2021 organised by CLIL-HET project.


Title: Metaphors as tool in political speeches: Student reflections
Presentation by: Gabriela Nedelkoska
Recorded on: 11 March 2021


This paper covers several essential aspects around the figurative language of metaphors. It attempts to support the theoretical insights from the cognitive linguistics and a list of the most prominent conceptual domains with instances from metaphors in political speeches. In addition, it considers the relevance of the classical Aristotelian principles of rhetoric, as well as the audience for the extent of persuasiveness of the metaphors used.
To check the awareness of these aspects, a group of university students were interviewed and asked to reflect on their perceptions of metaphors, the use of metaphors in political speeches and the need for formal training on their proper use in public address.

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