“Learning Algorithm Theory in Practice” by Csallner András Erik

Presentation from Day 2 of International seminar 2021 organised by CLIL-HET project.


Title: Learning Algorithm Theory in Practice
Presentation by: Csallner András Erik
Recorded on: 12 March 2021


I have been a practicing lecturer of algorithm theory for more than two decades. This discipline is quite important but difficult to understand for my students. Even in their native language. However, many of them realize that most of the literature can be found in English, and the best jobs are at international companies where the official working language is English. Hence, the motivation is there. The strange experience I have already got used to is that after the first few lectures students studying in English enjoy learning usually better than those in their native language. They seem to feel the importance of their studies stronger, and nevertheless consider the lessons rather as a real-life challenge than as just another course they must complete.

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